Our Story & History

Our Story..

Bayshore Presbyterian Church is a church of the Presbyterian Church (USA) located within the bounds of Tampa Bay Presbytery.

We are a South Tampa community of faith. We invite all people to come and feel free to worship and to explore one’s faith.This house, my Father’s house, reaches across the bay to welcome all who come to this blessed home. We stand in the sunlight on the bay overlooking the waters which reflect our lives, sometimes peaceful, sometimes troubled. Come join our family of believers, together we shall serve our fellow man.

Our Background…

The Presbyterian Church (USA) traces its origins to the Church of Scotland, a Protestant denomination founded during the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century. We have inherited our terminologies from the Kirk (church) of Scotland. Our leaders are called “Elders” and the governing board is called a “Session.” Our founding fathers used the Presbyterian “Session Model” to developed our American form of government.

Local churches are connected to one another in regions called “Presbyteries.” We are members of the Presbytery of Tampa Bay.

Our worship services are open to all who come seeking to walk with God. Membership is open to all!

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https://youtu.be/92zNMien1MM Honoring our long time MusicĀ  Director, Carolyn Heagey.

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About our church and denomination:


Presbyterian Church USA

Presbytery of Tampa Bay