Metropolitan Ministries Food Drive: 

See attached Flyer for our food drive

A Food Barrel will be placed on our front porch

Wednesday & Thursdays 9am – 6pm   starting Sept 9th. thru Nov. 18th

Most needed items: Canned Meat, Peanut Butter,

Boxed Cereal, Beans, Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruit.

Gas or groceries? 

What would you do if you had to choose? Seriously.

It’s not an easy choice. One out of every five people living in Florida has to

decide this every day. The circumstances differ, but the result is the same

for families struggling to make it to their next paycheck or for seniors living on

a fixed income. Nutritious food is hard to come by when your budget is limited.

That’s why at Metropolitan Ministries, we receive more requests for food

than any other service.

Anyone hungry can be fed through targeted services to meet their needs.

or you can donate online: