A Thanksgiving letter from our new pastor

thanksgiving circle

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

We all have so much to be thankful for here at Bayshore Presbyterian!
And I, for sure, have much much to be thankful for! A family of six children, sixteen grandchildren, seven great grandchildren with another on the way! (There may be one or two more on the way I don’t yet even know about!) Beyond this, Ted and I are blessed with a caring and loving extended family and fun and thoughtful friends, both here in Tampa and in Lakeland.

The biggest blessing to come into our lives these past few months is being asked to serve as your part-time Stated Supply Pastor for this coming year! You are a very special congregation and I am blessed and privileged to serve you and to serve our Lord in this place!

I am technologically challenged (to say the least!) and totally uncreative. Therefore, I am doubly blessed to have Linda Peach working as our Assistant here in the church office on Tuesday-Thursday, from 9:30-3:30. Come by and say hello to Linda when you get a chance! You will thoroughly enjoy meeting her! All committee folks should feel free to call on her when you have a need! Also, please share your news with her frequently so that she can get the word out for you when you need it!

We will share our thanks in a circle of thanksgiving at service this Sunday, November 20. Ted and I then leave for his younger son’s home on the marsh about 45 miles south of Savannah to be with all our family for the Thanksgiving holiday. You’re on your own Sunday, November 27! (I’m sure you’ll do just fine!) I look forward to rejoining you for worship the following Sunday!

Pastor Celie

Adult Sunday School

Join the Adult Sunday School Class in the community room at 10:30 Sunday mornings. We are reading and discussing Disarming Scripture by Derek Flood.

“A god of love and genocide? For many the violence of Scripture can result in a crisis of faith – especially when we see how such passages have been used throughout history to justify bloodshed in God’s name. Moving beyond typical conservative and liberal approaches, which seek to either defend or whitewash over violence in the Bible, Disarming Scripture takes a surprising yet compelling approach: Learning to read the Bible like Jesus did. The result is an approach to Scripture that not only sees questioning as an acceptable part of a healthy faith, but as an absolutely essential part of it.”


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Parking for the fabulous Gasparllia Parades at Bayshore PC. Contacts and details on poster. One of the best ares to watch! ... See MoreSee Less

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