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On Sunday, October 4, Bayshore Presbyterian will join with Christians around the world to celebrate World Communion Sunday, using liturgy and music from other cultures and nations across the globe. Established in 1936, when the world was deeply fragmented by the conflict that would be later known as World War II, World Communion Sunday (originally called World Wide Communion Sunday) has been an observance to help Christians all over the world affirm their unity in Jesus Christ as it is expressed so beautifully at the Lord’s Table.


The lasting value in a gift of peace

During this Season of Peace, our thoughts turn to the meaning of peace and how, through Christ, we can nurture it inside ourselves and out in the world. Yet, to understand the value of peace, we must also understand the cost of conflict, and the many forms it can take.

To help address these diverse challenges, the Peace & Global Witness Offering supports a range of ministries devoted to peacemaking and reconciliation. This includes bearing witness in communities of conflict around the world, hosting education programs to raise awareness, driving local peacemaking efforts, offering catalyst support to our mission co-workers, and much more.

Imagine what a gift it is to those who have been hurt, in both their spirit and their community, to find a lasting peace and resolve conflict in its many forms.

When you give to the Peace & Global Witness Offering your gift is the peace of Christ, for all of God’s children. With each gift, we can begin to create a world of peace—together.

We will be receiving the offering on World Communion Sunday, October 4th. Please give generously.:



On Trinity Sunday – May 31 – we entered into “Ordinary Time II” in the life of the church. This period of time follows the Easter Season and lasts until the Saturday before the first Sunday in Advent.

The root word for “ordinary” is “ordinal” meaning “counted weeks.” During this time of “counted weeks” we will reflect on the mysteries of Jesus Christ as we focus on his earthly ministry and how we can grow as Christ’s faithful disciples. Therefore, the color for vestments and paraments for Ordinary Time is GREEN – the color of growth and growing things.

So, come and join us in Ordinary Time and grow with us in Spirit and in truth.